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OhioHealth Grandview Yard Quarter Marathon & 5K

August 28, 2022  •  Grandview Heights, Ohio

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April 04, 2022

Land-Grant Produces Custom Limited-Edition Beer To Continue Ground-Breaking Sponsorship of OhioHealth Capital City Half Marathon

Land-Grant Brewing Company, a Columbus-based brewery with a strong love and dedication to local sports, has again produced a limited-release custom craft beer to celebrate the 2022 OhioHealth Capital City Half Marathon.

13.1 Recovery Haze Pale Ale will be released at Land-Grant’s taproom in late March and be available in cans exclusively in most Giant Eagle stores in Central Ohio in late March and April. 13.1 Recovery Haze Pale Ale is a fruity, citrus and bright tasting ale brewed with electrolyte to create an ideal celebratory post-race beverage that is easy-drinking and refreshing.

January 01, 2020

5th Line 5K Celebrates 5th Anniversary

M3S Sports celebrated hockey and fitness on Saturday, Jan. 25 with the fifth-annual 5th Line 5K Presented By OhioHealth in downtown Columbus.