Press Release

Press Release

Message From the Race Director, David Babner

Director David Babner

Our thoughts and prayers go out to all of the victims and their families involved at the events of the Boston Marathon. It was a sad day for the entire running and walking community around the world. Many of our colleagues, friends and families were there and the entire M3S Team joins you with heavy hearts.

Rest assured that we are reviewing our current security plans and processes with all applicable city safety officials including the Columbus Division of Fire, the Columbus Division of Police and Department of Homeland Security to see what modifications to our current security and safety plans are necessary.

Our entire team is working hard in our planning of your event. I hate that the type of thing that happened has happened in our country. The running and walking community is strong, tough and resilient. Many of you have joined the conversation on Facebook and are talking about ways to honor and remember those affected.

I will be at the start line with you to begin the event and will be on the finish line welcoming everyone across the line.

Running a half marathon is an amazing positive experience and is a true celebration and our team will continue planning this event to make this event happen in a safe manner that celebrates every athlete.

I will see you on May 4th.

David Babner, Race Director